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Air Abrasion Long Beach CA

Air Abrasion

Air Abrasions Long Beach, CA

Stop tooth decay, remove stains, and leave behind healthier teeth and gum tissue without the use of a drill with dental air abrasion treatment. Air abrasion is a procedure that is less invasive, but is still as powerful as other traditional methods. If you have a cavity, air abrasion may be a great choice for you!

How is Air Abrasion Used?

Air abrasion removes small and early signs of dental decay without the use of a drill by using a high powered and pressurized tool. It’s also known as microabrasion, as it utilizes small particles to lift out decay from affected areas. It can remove set in stains gently from the surface of the teeth without the use of a drill.

Air abrasion is a safe procedure that requires no pre-appointment consultation, as the process is similar to a routine teeth cleaning. We may use local anesthesia if the cavity is deeper, but unlike with a drill, air abrasion gives off no heat or vibration and leaves behind more of the tooth.

What Are the Advantages of Air Abrasion in Long Beach, CA?

Air abrasion cleans teeth, gets rid of decay, and removes more surface stains and tooth discoloration without the use of the more invasive methods. It also leaves more of the natural tooth tissue intact, and often doesn’t require as much anesthesia because of the soothing effect of the high-pressured air and cooling particles.

Air abrasion is a simple process with less chance of chipping or fracturing of the tooth that can occur with traditional decay removal. It is a great alternative for those who are sensitive to the drill noise and vibration.

Air Abrasion Long Beach CA
Air Abrasion in Long Beach CA

What is the Process Like for Air Abrasion?

The tool we use for air abrasion utilizes pressure and tiny particles of aluminum oxide, baking soda mixture, or silica to blast away tooth decay much like a sandblaster or pressure washer. With compressed air, a steady stream of the particles is sprayed at the affected areas on the tooth while the excess and decay is suctioned away with a thin tube.

The process is best for early signs of tooth decay. However, if there is hard enamel that needs to be removed in order to reach the extent of the tooth decay, this cannot be done with air abrasion alone. To access deeper decay, a traditional drill may be used. Once the decay has been reached and removed with a traditional drill, air abrasion can then be used to clean the rest of the tooth.

What is the Recovery Like for Air Abrasion?

Similar to a typical tooth cleaning, the air abrasion procedure can be done in under 30 minutes, and requires no additional recovery time, especially since anesthesia is only needed for deep cavities.

Dentists favor air abrasion for the reduced healing time, accuracy, and because it leaves behind more healthy tooth tissue. After the procedure patients may experience a gritty feeling in their mouth that can be fixed by rinsing for only a few minutes.

What is the Cost of Air Abrasion?

The costs for these services vary. Our front desk staff will be happy to discuss with you any costs and we can also arrange payment plans that work within your budget.

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