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How to Contact Your Dentist of Long Beach Team

The Dentist of Long Beach office is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. To schedule an appointment, please fill out an online form or contact our friendly dental team during normal office hours.

Our team is excited to provide optimal dental care for you and your family. We will also do our best to ensure prompt appointments and do our utmost to make your life easier. In addition, we can also schedule all family members on the same day. We also offer downloadable new patient forms that are quick and easy to fill out for added convenience.

Contacting Us for Dental Emergencies

Despite a person’s best efforts – like optimal homecare and a healthy diet – dental emergencies happen. If you have a dental emergency, contact us right away at (562) 373-0026.

We reserve several appointments each day for dental emergency visits so patients in these situations do not have to wait to be seen.

Dental emergencies include fractured teeth, severe pain, facial swelling, a knocked-out tooth, bleeding (unknown cause), excessive bleeding (minor bleeding can happen while brushing and flossing if you have gum disease), and infection/abscess. If you experience pain or bleeding after a dental procedure, we want to see you right away.

If you are not sure whether you are experiencing a true dental emergency or not, please contact us anyway. Our team will discuss your symptoms, schedule an appointment, and help ease your mind.

Contact Us Long  Beach CA

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