Dental Abrasion Long Beach CA

Dental Abrasion

Dental Abrasions Long Beach, CA

Dental or enamel abrasion is the destruction of the enamel caused by surface wear and tear on the teeth. Over time, abrasions will weaken enamel to a point where more severe dental issues become more likely. Dental abrasions may be caused by aggressive brushing techniques, improper flossing, biting down on hard objects, or using hard-bristle brushes for cleaning your teeth.

At Dentist of Long Beach, your dentist can help treat dental abrasions and improve the look of your smile.

How Do Dental Abrasions Happen?

Dental abrasions are only one of a handful of ways your teeth sustain exterior damage. There are three kinds of enamel wear listed below.

  • Abrasion is physical, exterior damage to the enamel.
  • Attrition is the natural wear caused by tooth-on-tooth friction over time. This can accelerate with routine clenching and grinding of the teeth.
  • Erosion may occur when acids in certain medications, substances, or very acidic foods make contact with the teeth. This is also known as corrosion. Stomach acids can cause erosion with frequent contact. Bulimia, GERD, and alcoholism are common examples of conditions that lead to erosion.

What Are Signs of a Dental Abrasion?

Common signs of dental abrasions include tooth sensitivity to temperature, sweetness, and acidity, as well as tooth discoloration. Plaque buildup at the gumline, and tooth abfraction — a type of damage near the gumline which causes the appearance of triangle-like notches at the base of the tooth are also commonly seen with dental abrasions.

Dental Abrasion Long Beach CA
Dental Abrasion in Long Beach CA

Is Treatment for Dental Abrasions Necessary?

While a dental abrasion isn’t as severe as tooth decay, it can leave you at serious risk of future decay as well as gum disease.

Eventually, as your enamel wears down, it begins to give way to a layer of dentin. Dentin is the material that teeth are primarily comprised of.

Instead of a protective shell, like enamel, dentin is softer and porous in nature. When exposed to the same wear and tear, dentin can decay and damage quite quickly. This damage can take the form of irritation of the gums, gum damage, and then overall tooth decay. At this point, you may risk losing your teeth.

This is why methods of prevention and treatment for dental abrasions are a solid step in maintaining your dental hygiene.

What Treatment Options Are Available for Dental Abrasions in Long Beach, CA?

At Dentist of Long Beach, we treat abrasions with tooth bonding or composite bonding. The bonding material will protect the concavity in your tooth left by damage and restore a completely natural look to the tooth.

If the damage to the tooth is more significant, we may consider a crown or a veneer. Once we have made sure there is no more decay in the tooth, we can then place a veneer around the exposed portion. This is a long-lasting and cosmetically appealing solution.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dental Abrasion Treatment?

Because insurance policies vary from company to company, it is hard to say what coverage may look like. Cost and coverage can even vary based on the type of plan you have for the same company!

At Dentist of Long Beach, we are invested in communicating with you and your insurance company to not only find out if dental abrasion treatment is possible, but what treatment cost estimates and payment plans may work for you.

Dental Abrasion Dentist in Long Beach CA

How Do I Prevent Dental Abrasions?

A handful of methods exist to help prevent dental abrasions and protect your tooth enamel. At Dentist of Long Beach, we can walk through proper brushing/flossing technique, helpful fluoride-based toothpastes, and good oral habits that put your enamel at lesser risk of damage.

By scheduling early with your Long Beach dentist, we can stop abrasion — or risk factors for it — early in its tracks. Treatment sooner than later can prevent major dental complications from occurring.

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