Dental Cleaning and Prevention Long Beach CA

Cleaning and Prevention

Cleaning and Prevention Long Beach, CA

When you commit to a preventative dental care routine, you’re ensuring that your smile stays strong, healthy, and beautiful! At Dentist of Long Beach, our routine cleanings and check-ups will keep your teeth healthy – and they’ll save you money in the long run by catching common dental health problems before they require costlier treatment.

What Are Preventative Dental Services?

Preventative dentistry is focused on providing long-term care for your teeth. It includes the daily cleaning habits you might practice on your own – such as daily brushing and flossing – as well as routine treatments at the dentist’s office. At Dentist of Long Beach, the preventative dental services we offer include:

Dental Cleaning and Prevention Long Beach CA
Dental Cleaning and Prevention in Long Beach CA

What Are the Benefits of Dental Cleanings in Long Beach?

Regular dental cleanings don’t just keep your teeth looking good – they also dramatically reduce your risk of developing cavities, gingivitis, periodontitis, oral cancer, and other serious dental conditions. At Dentist of Long Beach, we’re dedicated to thoroughly cleaning and examining your teeth with the utmost care and attention to detail.

During a cleaning, our hygienists will remove the plaque – a sticky, hard-to-see coating that forms on your teeth when bacteria in your mouth mix with food particles – that normal toothbrushes and floss can’t reach. This procedure helps ward off the harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease before they get the chance to spread further. Additionally, our examinations will keep you up-to-date on the state of your oral health and provide personalized advice about the most effective ways to take care of your teeth when you’re on your own.

Can Dental Cleaning and Prevention Make My Teeth Whiter?

Yes, it can! Regular cleaning will remove the buildup of plaque that makes your teeth look dulled, yellow, and stained as it accumulates. While a variety of factors – including genetics, external medical conditions, and medications – can affect your teeth’s tendency to stain, these habits will also increase the likelihood of discoloration and staining:

  • Consumption of deeply pigmented foods and drinks, such as chocolate, coffee, wine, dark cola, and colored candies
  • Consumption of acidic foods and drinks, such as fruit juices and tomato-based sauces
  • Usage of cannabis and tobacco products (both smoking and chewing)

How Can I Prevent Future Dental Issues?

Good preventative care habits at home are the foundation of lifelong dental health! We recommend brushing teeth at least twice a day, both when you wake up and before you go to bed, as well as flossing daily. If you’re able, use an electric toothbrush – it’ll remove plaque and clean your teeth and gums more thoroughly than a regular one can.

We know life gets in the way sometimes and that you can’t always maintain perfect dental hygiene habits if you’re busy or on the go. Just remember that doing the best you can is always better than nothing!

Dental Cleaning and Prevention Dentistry Long Beach CA

Will My Insurance Pay for Preventative Dental Services in Long Beach?

Your insurance will likely cover a significant amount of the cost of preventative care, if not in entirety. This is because it’s in their best interest to make sure that your teeth remain healthy and don’t require more complicated restorative treatment down the line. The price that both you and the insurance company would pay for these procedures is much more expensive than that of preventative services.

Get Proactive About Your Dental Health!

Once you commit to preventative dental care by combining a good home cleaning routine with regular check-ups at Dentist of Long Beach, you’ll be reaping the rewards of a healthy smile for life. You can contact our office at (562) 373-0026 to learn more about preventative dentistry or schedule an appointment.


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