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Fixed Bridges

Fixed Dental Bridges Long Beach, CA

One way to address missing teeth is an appliance called a fixed (or dental) bridge. Dental bridges are false teeth, often made from porcelain or other materials that are procedurally affixed to your existing teeth on either side of a tooth gap. Hence the name, bridges. Dental bridges at Long Beach look very natural and are a phenomenal cosmetic and functional solution to missing teeth.

Why Choose a Fixed Bridge?

Missing teeth can be harmful to your overall oral health, and to that end, fixed bridges are the most convenient treatment. Dentures, partial or full, must be taken out every night and steeped in a special cleaning solution. With dental bridges, you only need to routinely brush as you would the rest of your teeth.

Leaving your mouth with missing teeth can have a profound negative impact on your gum health, bite and jaw, and encourage malocclusions — misalignment and spacing problems.

Do I Have Different Options for Fixed Dental Bridges?

Dentist of Long Beach offers three types of fixed dental bridges.

  • Traditional Bridges - this kind of bridge is anchored by two dental crowns on the surrounding teeth.
  • Maryland Bonded Bridge - instead of a crown or veneer affixed to surrounding teeth, this bridge uses metal or porcelain wings attached to the back of the neighboring teeth.
  • Cantilever Bridge - this bridge uses only one adjacent tooth to secure the bridge instead of both surrounding teeth. This is comparable to a half-bridge.
Fixed Bridges Long Beach CA
Fixed Bridges Dental Long Beach CA

Are Fixed Dental Bridges Comfortable?

The comfort level of a fixed bridge is a common concern among clients. Many people actually find themselves upgrading to dental bridges after finding dentures uncomfortable. In short, fixed bridges are a comfortable solution to replace missing teeth — once they are in, you can hardly tell the difference between your real teeth and your new ones!

Are Dental Bridges Durable?

Dental bridges can last from five to fifteen years. The better you treat your teeth, the longer they will last. Some behaviors will hasten the degradation of your teeth, for example routinely chewing on hard objects or grinding your teeth.

What is the Procedure for Getting a Dental Bridge?

When you visit us at Dentist of Long Beach, our first step will be to conduct an X-ray on your teeth. With digital imaging and information provided by your tooth structure, we can assess if a dental bridge is right for you. While your fixed dental bridge is being created, a temporary bridge will be supplied.

Are There Any Aftercare Instructions for Dental Bridges?

After your bridge is secured, you will be able to use your new teeth almost immediately! Recovery lasts about one or two weeks, during which time you may feel tenderness and some pain. This may be managed by common pain medication.

Fixed Bridges in Long Beach CA

How Much Do Dental Bridges Cost?

A cost between $500 and $1,500 can be expected for this treatment. Dental insurance coverage may help to mitigate the cost, though the details of your plan may impact the exact amount that is covered. Other price factors will include your needs as a patient and the materials used in the bridge (metal or porcelain). Our friendly staff at Dentist of Long Beach can also work with you to develop a payment plan.

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