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While routine dentist appointments are essential, a thorough home care routine is the true foundation of long-term oral health! Developing effective brushing and flossing habits will pay off for years, and you’ll never regret taking a little extra time to maintain a gorgeous, cavity-free smile. At Dentist of Long Beach, our expert dentists and hygienists are here to make sure you’re equipped with the knowledge to take care of your teeth for life.

Why Does Home Dental Care Matter?

Even if you never miss a dentist appointment, the vast majority of the time spent caring for your teeth happens at home! Daily brushing and flossing is a crucial part of home dental care, but behaviors such as drinking enough water and maintaining a balanced diet are also critical in keeping your teeth in mint condition. Some easy habits you can adopt immediately to improve your dental health at home include:

  • Brushing your teeth right after you wake up and before you go to bed.
  • Drinking water with every meal – this can help remineralize your teeth and alleviate the corrosive effects of acidic and/or sugary foods when you don’t have time to brush!
  • Limiting your consumption of especially acidic, sugary, and sticky foods and beverages – this doesn’t mean you have to stop eating candy altogether, but being more mindful of your habits can go a long way!
  • Incorporating a germ-killing mouthwash into your home care routine – you can use it following brushing and flossing, and even in between meals if you’re on the go and don’t have time to thoroughly clean your teeth.
Home Care Long Beach CA
Home Care Dentist Long Beach CA

What’s the Right Way to Brush My Teeth?

Invest in an electric toothbrush if possible – these will provide much more thorough cleaning! However, as long as you have a sturdy soft-bristled toothbrush, you should be set. Move your toothbrush in small, gentle circles, taking care to make sure the brush makes contact with your gums, but don’t brush too hard – this can actually damage your teeth and gums!

Remember to brush thoroughly and equitably, spending about 30 seconds on each quadrant of the mouth for a total of two minutes. Don’t forget to take care of your tongue, either! Brushing the tongue once you’re finished with the teeth – either with a toothbrush or tongue scraper, depending on your preference – will remove any extra food particles and eradicate the bacteria that cause bad breath.

How Often Should I Brush and Floss My Teeth?

Try to follow the 2/2 rule, which recommends brushing twice per day for two minutes each! It’s also advised to floss your teeth at least once a day. While brushing and flossing in between meals always helps – especially if you’ve consumed particularly acidic, sweet, and/or pigmented foods and beverages – be careful not to brush or floss with excessive force, as this can also put undue stress on your teeth and gums!

How Do I Take Care of My Teeth If I Wear Braces?

It can be tricky to keep your metal or ceramic braces from catching food particles, and keeping them clean can require a little extra effort. Here are some tips that’ll make it easier to maintain thorough home dental care practices even while wearing braces:

  • Use an interdental brush after your regular brushing – these small, bristled brushes can clean smaller areas in between the brackets and wires that a regular toothbrush head is too large to reach!
  • If flossing, make sure to use waxed floss – unwaxed floss is more prone to breakage and can get caught in brackets.
  • Make sure you’re carefully unthreading the floss from between your teeth rather than “popping” it from the gap between teeth, which might accidentally dislodge the wire.
  • Invest in a water flosser/oral irrigator – these devices use a concentrated stream of high-pressure water to remove plaque and debris from hard-to-reach areas of the mouth.
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How Do I Take Care of My Teeth If I Wear Dentures?

Taking care of removable dentures is relatively easy, but they do require a little extra attention to preserve long-term use. Make sure you always remove and rinse dentures after eating to remove any food debris, and clean your remaining teeth and gums gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush whenever you remove your dentures as well.

Since most dentures need to stay moist to retain their shape, make sure your dentures soak in lukewarm to room temperature water or a special denture-cleaning solution whenever you’re leaving them overnight. It is important to check with your dentist about how to store and care for your particular set of dentures properly. Always make sure you rinse dentures thoroughly before putting them back in your mouth, as denture cleaning solution can contain chemicals that are toxic to the human body if swallowed.

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