3D Imaging Technology Long Beach, CA

3D Imaging Technology

3D Imaging Technology Long Beach, CA

Your Long Beach dentists use the latest technology to provide even better service to their patients. 3D imaging technology, for example, helps them provide more accurate diagnoses. That, in turn, helps them catch dental issues early. Other types of 3D imaging technology in Long Beach help them provide exceptional dental care, including crowns and bridges that fit so well they help reduce the risk of sore teeth, malocclusion, and recurrent dental decay.

Types of 3D Imaging Technology Used at Dentist of Long Beach

We periodically update the technology we use as newer products come on the market, and this helps us serve our patients even better. Here are a few of the 3D imaging technology options your Long Beach dentist currently uses.

Digital X-Rays

Digital dental x-rays allow your dentist to see parts of the tooth they can’t see when they do an oral examination. These include:

  • All layers of the teeth (enamel, dentin, and pulp or nerve)
  • In between the teeth
  • The roots of the teeth
  • The bone surrounding the roots

With regular x-rays, your dentist can monitor your oral health and help catch dental diseases in the earliest stages. The earlier we catch them, the less complex procedures you’ll need and the less discomfort you’ll experience.

Panoramic X-Rays

A panoramic x-ray is a type of digital x-ray that captures a 3D image of your upper and lower jaw bones and teeth. Your dentist can even see your sinuses. The rotating machine travels around your head, from side to side, taking the image.

Panoramic x-rays can be useful for treatments such as:

3D Dental Imaging Long Beach CA
3D Dental Imaging Long Beach CA

Dental CT Scan

Computed tomography (CT or CAT) scan provides one of the most accurate 3D images of your mouth. It is an essential tool for surgical procedures, like implant placement and bone grafts.

The scan takes images of your head and neck from a variety of angles, which provides your Long Beach dentist with a good view of your sinuses, nerves, and jawbone – all of which are important for determining whether someone is a good candidate for dental implants.

This type of 3D imaging technology in Long Beach can also provide your orthodontist with the information they need to create cephalometric projections.

With the information provided in the CT scan, your orthodontist can see how your skull relates to your teeth and jawbones. Based on that, they can determine which methods will work best for your needs to achieve optimal occlusion and a beautiful, straight smile.

Digital Intraoral Scanners

Your Long Beach dentist utilizes two types of digital scanners.

  • TRIOS Intraoral Scanner: This scanner takes pictures intraorally and transmits them to a computer. We can send these images to your insurance company, a dental specialist or doctor, or a dental lab. The 3D image that’s created helps us create dental restorations that fit accurately, reducing your risk of a high bite or recurrent decay. We can also use this scanner (and the iTero scanner) to aid in the fabrication of Invisalign® clear aligners.
  • iTero Digital Scanner: This type of 3D imaging technology in Long Beach creates a 3D image of your teeth so we can get a better view of teeth that need to be restored with crowns, bridges, or dental implants. It’s an essential part of our “crowns in a day” system.

We Will Always Be on the Cutting Edge of Technology

If you’ve already visited our state-of-the-art Long Beach dental practice, you know we love tech! We know that by utilizing the latest and greatest dental technology we serve you better. Technology helps us keep appointment times to a minimum and makes those appointments much more comfortable and efficient.

Our patients are important to us, and we will continue to do all we can to provide them (and you!) with the best care possible.

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