Restorative Inlays & Onlays Long Beach CA
Restorative Inlays & Onlays Long Beach CA

Restorative Inlays & Onlays

Restorative Inlays & Onlays Long Beach, CA

Inlay and onlay restoration are contemporary methods of repairing and fortifying teeth. They are also used as a substitute to metal amalgam fillings, providing patients with an alternative to conventional fillings and dental crowns. If you need your teeth repaired or fillings replaced, Dentist of Long Beach has extensive experience in using this innovative method to help restore smiles.

How Are Restorative Inlays and Onlays Constructed?

Restorative inlays and onlays are pre-molded to custom-fit a patient’s teeth and are smaller than a cap or dental crown. Typically, restorative inlays and onlays are constructed of porcelain. However, sometimes they are made with composite resin and gold. In both construction methods, the materials utilized are durable and non-toxic to the patient.

What is the Purpose of a Restorative Inlay or Onlay?

The purpose of restorative inlays and onlays is to simultaneously restore and strengthen teeth that may be weak or compromised. For example, they address damage to the teeth, such as cracks and cavities. In addition, some patients choose to replace their metal amalgam fillings using restorative inlays or onlays.

Restorative Inlays & Onlays Long Beach CA
Restorative Inlays & Onlays in Long Beach CA

What is the Difference Between a Restorative Inlay and Onlay?

The difference between a restorative inlay and onlay is mainly found in its placement. More specifically, an inlay is placed in the middle of the cusps or the top portions of the tooth and is smaller in size than an onlay. The onlay, however, is positioned to cover the sides of the tooth requiring it.

How Will Receiving a Restorative Inlay or Onlay Help Me?

Receiving a restorative inlay or onlay contains benefits not found using dental crowns. For example, whereas a dental crown may necessitate the removal of a large portion of tooth material, an inlay or onlay does not need as much. This durable dental technology may last up to 30 years and inhibit further tooth decay.

What Are the Benefits of Replacing My Metal Fillings?

Patients benefit from replacing their metal fillings with restorative inlays or onlays due to their non-toxic nature and ability to seamlessly blend in. In addition, metal amalgam fillings can be detrimental to the teeth, ultimately weakening them by expanding and contracting with changes in temperature.

What Do I Need to Know About Having a Restorative Inlay or Onlay?

First, an examination will be performed by your dentist in Long Beach, which includes X-rays. Then, if we deem that having a restorative inlay or onlay is the best option for you, we will have impressions of your teeth made. This will help us customize the restorative inlay or onlay for your mouth.

Since it will take time to design your restorative inlay or onlay, a temporary one may be provided. When your restorative inlay or onlay is ready, we will prep the teeth with a thorough cleaning. Finally, your custom-made inlay or onlay will be positioned and secured to your teeth for an optimal fit.

Restorative Inlays & Onlays in Long Beach CA

How Much is Inlay or Onlay Restoration in Long Beach?

Inlay or onlay restoration at Dentist of Long Beach typically costs between $700-$1,300. However, dental insurance may influence the price, possibly reducing the cost or reimbursing the patient for a portion of it. At Dentist of Long Beach, we take great pride in offering patients cost-effective dental services through easy financing plans, so reach out to us today to learn more!

Can You Benefit from Restorative Inlays or Onlays at Dentist of Long Beach?

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