Multiple Teeth Implants Long Beach CA

Multiple-Teeth Implants

Multiple-Teeth Implants Long Beach, CA

Multiple-teeth implants provide a unique dental solution that can restore your smile, balance your bite, and stop remaining teeth from shifting. Whereas missing teeth may cause difficulty in eating and speaking, multiple-teeth implants from Dentist of Long Beach can help you resume your normal activities as soon as possible!

How Do Cosmetic Dentists Restore Multiple Missing Teeth?

There are four main ways that cosmetic dentists can replace several teeth at once including multiple-teeth implants, an implant-supported bridge, a fixed bridge, and a removable partial denture.

What Are Multiple-Teeth Implants?

Multiple-teeth implants provide a permanent dental solution for individuals who are missing several teeth. Essentially, the implant serves as a substitute for each tooth that is missing and has three parts: a biocompatible post, an abutment, and a dental prosthesis.

Multiple Teeth Implants Long Beach CA
Multiple Teeth Implants in Long Beach CA

How Does the Post Work and What is It Made Of?

The post assumes the function of the missing tooth’s root. It is carefully inserted into the jawbone and is typically made of titanium, which is biocompatible.

What is an Abutment and How is It Constructed?

The abutment serves as the connecting point between the post and dental prosthesis, and it is also usually constructed of titanium.

What is a Dental Prosthesis and What Does It Consist Of?

Essentially, the dental prosthesis is the substitute tooth. It may be crafted of porcelain, porcelain integrated with metal, or gold.

What Are My Other Implant Options at Dentist of Long Beach?

Although a bit more difficult to keep clean, another implant option for patients at Dentist of Long Beach is to receive an implant-supported bridge. This is an affordable solution where two implants are screwed into the jaw and space is left in lieu of additional implants. The bridge consists of the substitute teeth, which are connected to the abutment crowns and securely attached to the implants.

How Can Multiple-Teeth Implants Help Me?

Multiple-teeth implants provide patients with a myriad of benefits:

  • Prevents bone loss while looking and acting like a natural tooth
  • Easy to clean and aids in biting, chewing, and speaking
  • Helps you comfortably resume normal activities
  • Are durable, permanent, and successful 97% of the time
  • Keeps other teeth from shifting and preserves the jawbone and facial structure
  • Allows you to skip the hassle of denture adhesives
Multiple Teeth Implants Dentistry Long Beach CA
Multiple Teeth Implants Dentistry in Long Beach CA

Why Do I Need to Replace My Missing Teeth with Implants?

While it may be tempting to forego replacing your missing teeth, doing so may create the following problems:

  • Increased tenderness or pain around the jaw, teeth, and face
  • Persistent headaches and possibly migraines
  • Teeth that are broken, have a fracture line, or are otherwise chipped
  • A higher chance of suffering from a lisp or TMJ
  • Difficulty chewing, which may cause digestive issues and affect your ability to absorb nutrients

How Much Are Multiple-Teeth Implants in Long Beach,CA?

The total cost of multiple-teeth implants may vary, especially if a patient has dental insurance. However, Dentist of Long Beach offers easy payment and financing plans, so give our office a call today to review your options!

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