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New Patient Forms

Downloadable New Patient Forms at Dentist of Long Beach

New patient forms provide your Long Beach dentists and orthodontists with information about your general health history, so we can make sure we provide you with care that does not conflict with any conditions you have or medications you take.

New patient forms also tell your Long Beach dentist about your dental history, so we have a better idea of your current dental needs.

In the past, your dentist might request that you show up to your appointment early to fill out these forms. But it is easy to forget important information when you are in a time crunch. Or your dentist might have sent them to you in the mail. The problems with this:

  • Forms can get lost in the mail or under a pile of paperwork
  • Patients can forget to bring them to their appointment

We want to cut out the extra hassle and stress. Fill out our downloadable, easy-to-complete forms today and never worry about them again!

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