Porcelain Inlays and Outlays Long Beach CA
Porcelain Inlays & Onlays Long Beach CA

Porcelain Inlays & Onlays

Porcelain Inlays and Onlays Long Beach, CA

Are your teeth damaged or decayed? Our dentists often recommend porcelain inlays and onlays to repair damage and restore teeth. This procedure is performed when there is decay that is not yet bad enough to warrant more invasive treatment like a crown.

What is the Purpose of Porcelain Inlays and Onlays?

From chewing to grinding, your teeth are under constant strain. And if your genes or health habits aren’t perfect, teeth can become weak or form cracks overtime. When these cracks don’t get the treatment they need, your teeth are subjected to tooth fractures, sensitivity and pain.

If your teeth are beginning to break down, you only have a few options to repair the damage. These options include traditional fillings, and porcelain inlays and onlays.

Do I Need Porcelain Onlays?

Porcelain onlays can treat minor cracks in teeth before the damage requires a full crown. Onlays are built to support the crack in your tooth to prevent the damage from worsening. Our dentists use porcelain for onlays since it’s a stronger material than traditional composite resin.

Are Porcelain Inlays a Better Option?

A porcelain inlay is a filling made of porcelain instead of the composite resin used in traditional fillings. If you require this procedure, our Long Beach dentists create pre-molded fillings that are custom fitted into your teeth. Inlays are typically used in place of a filling before cavities have become too decayed.

When You Might Need an Inlay or Onlay from a Long Beach Dentist

Have you noticed any of the following dental issues? If so, contact the Dentists of Long Beach for a consultation right away. It’s time to call us if:

  • You noticed sensitivity to heat or cold
  • You experienced bite pressure sensitivity
  • Your teeth have been chipping or breaking.
  • You can see or feel a crack in your tooth
  • You can see dark spots on your teeth
  • You have severe and persistent pain
  • You have been diagnosed with cracked tooth syndrome
Porcelain Inlays & Onlays Long Beach CA
Porcelain Inlays & Onlays Dentist Long Beach CA

How is a Porcelain Inlay or Onlay Procedure Performed?

For this type of procedure, our Dentists of Long Beach will start by numbing the area. Next, decay is removed and edges are smoothed. We will take images in order to custom fabricate your porcelain inlay or onlay. Finally, we will permanently cement the restoration to your smile.

Do Porcelain Onlays and Inlays Last Forever?

Porcelain onlays and inlays last much longer than traditional fillings. You can expect your inlay or onlay to last decades.

The better you care for your teeth, the longer your inlays or onlays will last. To keep them in great shape, you should do the following home care:

  • Flossing daily
  • Brushing at least twice a day
  • Using an electric toothbrush

Remember that coming in for regular dental checkups is vitally important to ensure your dental health.

Should I Get an Inlay or Onlay Procedure?

Ask your dentist and they will agree--porcelain inlays or onlays are an excellent choice to repair and protect damaged teeth. Unlike dental crowns, inlays or onlays actually preserve the natural tooth and can even strengthen your tooth structure.

Let Us Help You Start Smiling Again!

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