Restorative Dental Treatments in Long Beach
Restorative Dental Treatments Long Beach CA

Restorative Dental Treatments

Dental Restoration Long Beach, CA

Restorative treatment is any practice that repairs and replaces decay, damage, trauma, and loss of teeth. Restorative dentistry aims to restore the function of teeth or their cosmetic appearance. Management of existing disease and study of dental issues are also considered restorative dentistry.

What’s Restorative Treatment in Long Beach?

Restorative treatment can repair the damage done to your teeth or restore what’s missing in teeth. There are a variety of services offered at Long Beach that are considered restorative treatments:

  • Air Abrasion
    A technique used by our dentists to safely clear away tooth decay and debris before a crown or veneer is placed. Air abrasion can be used for a variety of dental treatments.
  • Composite Fillings
    These quartz, sometimes hypo-allergenic resin-based fillings are used to repair chipped and cracked teeth, cavities, and worn teeth.
  • Dental Crowns
    Used for extensive cavities and root canals, dental crowns are also called dental caps. A dental crown may be made from composite resin, tooth-colored porcelain, or gold.
  • Dentures and Partial Dentures
    We provide dentures, or sets of synthetic teeth, to replace missing rows or arches of teeth. Dentures refer to a full row, where partial dentures may refer to a specific section of teeth.
  • Fixed Bridges
    Unlike dentures, fixed bridges are affixed to the surrounding teeth, for long-lasting treatment of missing teeth. These may be attached with either porcelain or metal wings, or dental crowns.
  • Inlay and Onlay Restoration
    A treatment used to restore and protect from further dental damage. These are like dental crowns, but smaller and molded to the unique shape of the tooth. Inlays will rest inside of the tooth cusps, and onlays will rest over them.
Restorative Dental Treatments Long Beach CA
Restorative Dental Treatments in Long Beach CA

Why Choose Restorative Dentistry Treatment in Long Beach, CA?

Restorative treatment can manage (or prevent) serious, painful dental conditions like infection, tooth loss, broken or fractured teeth, TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction), and headaches and migraines associated with dental maladies.

If this weren’t enough, keep in mind that much of your body’s health overall depends on systems working together; if your oral health is in decline this can affect your nutrition and your digestion.

While dental restorative treatments can help replace teeth, as previously mentioned, replacements and adjustments in your tooth structure can’t replace the real thing! Our goal at Dentist of Long Beach is to provide you with the best dental care so that you can live a lifetime with as many of your natural teeth as possible.

How Do I Pay For Restorative Treatment?

What your insurance company will or won’t cover really depends on a few things. First, if your procedure is “basic” or “major”. A Basic procedure may be covered by most dental insurance companies by up to 80%. These might include treatments like composite fillings.

More involved treatments, like crowns or veneers, may only be covered at 50% by many insurance companies.

Your insurance company itself is the next thing that determines what payment may look like. Different companies differ in what they might offer, but we will work with you and your company to find out what percentage of coverage may be available based on the relevant procedure.

From there, your particular policy or insurance plan with your insurance provider will give us further insight into what coverage and a price estimate may look like.

Restorative Dental Treatments Dentist Long Beach CA

What Will My Restorative Dental Treatment Process Look Like?

There are a variety of treatments that qualify as restorative dentistry treatments, so there is no one-size-fits-all path for your process.

Treatment at Dentist of Long Beach begins with a series of diagnostic tests where our dentists can establish what’s going on, and what options are available to you. Your dentist will walk you through each option, why it is recommended, and why some may be preferable to others.

At this point, your treatment plan will be unique to your specific needs. Our dentist will provide you with education and encouragement in understanding each step of your plan. It is important for us at Dentist of Long Beach that you are feeling comfortable in your treatment plan after a consultation.

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