Soft Tissue Grafting Long Beach CA
Soft Tissue Grafting Long Beach CA

Soft Tissue Grafting

Soft Tissue Grafting Long Beach, CA

Soft tissue grafting is a periodontal treatment procedure that treats gum recession. Gum recession occurs when the gum covering a tooth recedes, exposing too much of the tooth. It usually happens due to periodontal disease. Gum grafting or gum graft surgery are other names for this procedure.

What is Involved in a Soft Tissue Graft?

A soft tissue graft is a minor surgical procedure performed in our Long Beach dentist office. During the procedure, the doctor will remove a piece of tissue from elsewhere on your gums or from the top of your palate (the roof of your mouth) and graft it onto the exposed area.

Soft tissue grafting is a brief procedure and is completed in only one visit.

What Kinds of Soft Tissue Grafting are There?

There are three kinds of soft tissue grafting: connective tissue grafts, free gingival grafts, and pedicle grafts. Dr. Omid will determine which type is best for you after your consultation.

Soft Tissue Grafting Long Beach CA
Soft Tissue Grafting Long Beach CA

Connective Tissue Grafts

This is the most common type of graft. In this procedure, the team will remove a small bit of skin from under the roof of your mouth and attach it to the problem area with stitches. A small flap is cut in the palate to access the tissue underneath; it’s stitched close at the end of the procedure. This kind of tissue is called subepithelial connective tissue and it attaches readily to the gum tissue at the problem site, correcting the recession.

Free Gingival Grafts

A free gingival graft uses tissue directly from the roof of the mouth instead of under it. This is the only difference between the two procedures. It is often used when thicker pieces of tissues are needed for the graft.

Pedicle Grafts

A pedicle graft uses gum tissue from near the tooth. A cut is made in the tissue and the resulting flap is pulled down over the exposed tooth and stitched into place. It can only be done if the patient has a lot of gum tissue near the problem tooth.

What Is Recovery Like for Soft Tissue Grafting?

Recovery from soft tissue grafting should only take a day or two to return to your normal routine. You’ll need to eat soft foods for a couple of weeks to allow the graft to heal properly. Also, you’ll need to avoid brushing and flossing the surgical site. Dr. Omid will give you complete post-operative instructions before the procedure. In addition, you’ll need to return to the Long Beach office for follow-up care.

How Painful is Soft Tissue Grafting?

The amount of pain depends on the type of graft you have performed, but the team will give you proper pain medication to reduce any discomfort.

Soft Tissue Grafting Long Beach CA

How Much Does Soft Tissue Grafting Cost?

The cost of soft tissue grafting varies from patient to patient. The complexity and extent of the procedure you need will determine the cost. Dental insurance often covers a significant portion. Our team will discuss finances with you during your consultation.

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